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C. Wonder Columbus Circle Is Done, Flatiron Next to Close

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Photo: Brian Harkin for Racked
Photo: Brian Harkin for Racked

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Nearly one month after C. Wonder announced it was shutting down, New York City retail is starting to see the effects. Sample Sally reports that the Columbus Circle store closed this weekend, while Flatiron will shutter on Valentine's Day weekend. And the last we heard, that's when the Soho store—the liquidation center—plans on closing, too.

At the Flatiron store over the weekend, everything was 75% off retail prices—but "everything" doesn't encompass very much. Sample Sally noted that "shelves were more than half empty" and what's left has been heavily picked through (for monogrammed jewelry boxes, only the "not common letters" remained).

Most shoppers gravitated toward the jewelry, where bracelets were "constantly restocked." The most abundant category was apparel, with "a table full of jeans," "lots of tops and jackets," and "tons of flats" still available. Other than that, tables were filled with random items ranging from iPhone cases to scarves to handkerchiefs to beach balls to wine stoppers.''

Staff wouldn't say whether merchandise would be furthered reduced from its already-cheap prices, but it sounds as if they're running out of things to place on the shelves. If you're looking to get your hands on one of the brand's last remnants, it'd be wise to hit up Fifth Avenue or Spring Street sooner than later.

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