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Step Inside New York City's Most Colorful Bridal Salon

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Photos: Driely S. for Racked

Despite its name, Mociun White is a bridal salon for the kind of bride who thinks of bright yellow as a totally cool color to wear on her wedding day. In fact, each of jeweler Caitlin Mociun's gowns comes in white, yellow, mint green, and red, because alternative, design-focused brides need options.

The rise of alt-wedding dresses has made it far easier for brides-to-be to stray from the traditional princess-in-a-cupcake look, and Mociun White, which opened in Williamsburg two weeks ago, adds a fresh dimension.

Each of her gowns is named after minerals she found on a vintage poster—including galena, gypsum, and celestine—and all can be worn for any event in the wedding, from the rehearsal dinner to the reception. Mociun dresses hover between $2,000 and $4,500, though the dresses by designer Naeem Khan, which are peppered throughout the racks, can go up to $17,000.

Entering the salon, however, visitors will notice that the dresses aren't necessarily the center of attention. Caitlin worked on the store layout for two years without an architect, and nearly everything in the multi-level space is custom-built, down to the dressing room. The first floor is dedicated to a bridal registry wall of ceramics and home wares made by artists favored at the Mociun boutique like Robert Blue, Recreation Center, and Workaday Handmade. The central marble table, custom-designed with Caitlin by Archer Modern, is for engagement ring consultations with couples, and it isn't until you walk down the stairs that you'll find the traditional bridal salon staples—a rack of gowns, the dressing room, the giant mirror, and seats for friends and family to look on.

Though the line only includes dresses and jewelry for now, Caitlin is currently in the process of adding a sleepwear line, as well as nail polishes and other items that can be included in bridal party gift bags. She and her team also hope to start giving recommendations for florists, tailors, and caterers to expand the salon's concept even further.