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New York's Best Yoga Studio Intro Deals, By the Numbers

Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.


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It's no secret that if you're looking to get a good fitness deal in New York City, you have to be willing to be a little flexible in where you go. If you've already used up those first-timer deals on Groupon and Gilt City for gyms like New York Sports Club and New York Health & Racquet Club, it's time to try out yoga studios, which are notorious for their ridiculous introductory offers.

Below, we've analyzed the deals at 23 studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn, broken down by time duration (most studios do deals on a week or month of unlimited classes as opposed to single sessions, like indoor cycling). We've also crunched the numbers on how much you'd be paying for classes using these special rates, compared to normal ones. In short, if you don't mind hopping from place to place, you could be doing a whole lot of down dog for a whole lot less.


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One Week

Yogaworks: Free (contact studio for unlimited package prices)

Bikram Yoga Harlem: $20 (normally $20 for one class, or $75 for five classes)

*Strala Yoga: $20 (normally $18 for one class)

Atmananda Yoga Sequence: $25 (normally $17 for a single class)

Bikram Yoga Grand Central: $25 (normally $25 for one class, or $90 for five classes)

Bikram Yoga Lower East Side: $25 (normally $25 for one class, or $50 for an unlimited week)

Mind Body Soul Yoga: $25 (normally $20 for one class, or $72 for four classes)

Yogamaya: $28 (normally $20 for one class, or $85 for five classes)

Prana Power Yoga: $30 (normally $20 for one class, or $85 for five classes)

Jivamukti Yoga NYC: $35 (normally $20 for one class, or $100 for five classes)

Earth Yoga: $39 (normally $29 for one class, or $109 for five classes)

Bikram Yoga Herald Square: $45 (normally $30 for one class, or $75 for an unlimited week)

Om Factory: $48 (normally $22 for one class, or $95 for five classes)

Using all the deals listed here, that gives you thirteen weeks of yoga for $365. If you're going three times per week, that comes out to about $9.36 per class. If you're going five times a week, that's about $5.62 per class.

Alternatively, if you paid for these studios's single class rates (excluding Yogaworks), you'll pay $266—but you're only getting 12 classes at an average of $22.17 each.

Utilizing their five-class and unlimited week packages (again, excluding Yogaworks, and using the value of five single classes for the studios that don't have these bundles) and going five times per week, you'd be paying $1,011 for a total of 60 classes over 12 weeks, which averages out to $16.85 per class. That's more than $11 per class compared to attending at the same frequency using intro deals.

Two Weeks

Sacred Brooklyn: $20 (normally $20 for a single class, or $180 for ten classes)

Yoga Vida: $20 (normally $18 for one class, or $150 for ten classes)

Strala Yoga: $40 (normally $80 for five classes)

Y7 Studio: $45 (normally $22 for a single class)

Here, we have eight weeks of yoga for $125. So that averages to $5.21 per class going three times per weeks, and just $3.13 if you're going five times per week (and if you take the unlimited thing literally and go every day for eight weeks, it's $2.23 per class.)



Three Weeks

The Yoga Room: $39 (normally $130 per month, or $20 for one class)

Do we really need to do the math for you here? The savings are pretty obvious—and pretty great, too.

One Month

Bikram Yoga NYC: $39 (normally $185)

Laughing Lotus: $39 (normally $139)

Modo Yoga: $40 (normally $180)

Bikram Yoga Grand Central: $59 (from $180)

Atmananda Yoga Studio: $69 (normally $140)

Lyons Den Power Yoga: $89 (normally $179, year-long contract required)

Strala Yoga: $80 (normally $180)

Bikram Yoga Herald Square: $95 (from $210 without a month-to-month commitment)

New York Yoga: $99 (normally $169)

Y7 Yoga: $99 (normally $149)

Om Factory: $108 (normally $185)

Here, you have 11 months of yoga for $807. For math's sake, let's cut out February and say that's 48 weeks even. So three classes a week would be about $5.60 per class, and five classes per week brings that average down to $3.36.

Compared with these studios' regular rates, which would cost you $1,896, three classes per week would be $13.17 each, and five classes per week would be $7.90.

Two Months

Sonic Yoga: $99 (normally $150 for an unlimited month, or $99 with membership)

While two months is a big commitment for just trying out a studio, you're getting plenty of classes for a third of the price.

*If a studio is listed in more than one of the time categories below, know that you're only able to use one of these deals.

Additional research and reporting by Roderic David