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Kanye's NYFW Show Involved 30 Stylists and a 72-Hour Rehearsal


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Despite some conspicuous similarities to designers past that did not sit well with internet commenters, the resounding opinion on Kanye West's Adidas collab is  that it was basically one giant mic drop—everyone can go home now. However, a show like that—one that involved the debut of a new song, voiceover, an absolutely unreal front row, and 50 looks—doesn't come easy. In fact, it involved 30 different stylists working for three days straight.

As Russell Simmons tells the Post: "I was there the night before. Kanye had been locked in that studio for 72 hours ... I left, went to Chris Rock's birthday, came back, he's still there at 2am," adding, "He had like, 30 French and Italian guys running around, and everything that they did was inspired only by his direction."

Asked for comment on the 30 stylists, another source would say only: "There was a team in place to make sure they were ready for the performance." What else would you expect?