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The 'SNL' Costume Closet Has a 'Whores & Tarts' Section


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In case you weren't completely SNL-ed out by last night's multi-hour reunion special, here's a fun piece of trivia to remember the next time you embrace the FOMO and stay in on a Saturday night: SNL's costume closet has a whole section called "Whores & Tarts."

In an interview with The Cut, designer Tom Broecker explains:

"It’s broken down into so many little rooms. In one room there’s jeans and chinos, and then there are shoes and then men’s suits, and women’s suits, and then there’s the maternity section and then sweatsuits. Then you go two floors down and there’s a section called "Whores and Tarts," which is sort of a combo platter of clubwear and cheap clothes — like, girls going to the disco. These are clothes that we’ve been collecting for over 20 years."

Also with their own dedicated sections: Vintage looks that span "the turn of the century to 1980's clothing," various uniforms, leather ("The Leather Man," anyone?), and Biblical robes.

If we can learn anything from this revelation, it's that a) We would like to shop there, please, and b) The word "tart" deserves a bigger place in the American lexicon. Let's start now.