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What to Know About Brian Atwood's One-Day Sale

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There are very few reasons anybody should go outside today, and thanks to the presidents, lots of New Yorkers don't even have to get out of their cozy beds. But shoe fans will want to layer up and head to West Chelsea for the Brian Atwood one-day sale at 444 West 17th Street to get their share of a dwindling selection of heels and boots before 5pm today. Despite great savings of up to 70% off on fall/winter 2014 styles (note: no true samples), prices here are still steep—whether you'll want to invest is a personal decision.

Price lists weren't easily when we were walking around the sale venue, Three Squares Studio, shortly after the doors opened, so you can consult the photo we snapped of one in the gallery below. Prices are according to style, so you should also bone up on the collection if you have a chance. The cheapest you'll pay is $250 for a Marella heel in cherry red or purple, with the majority of shoes going for $300 to $450. The most expensive item on the list (the fringed Lindy knee-high boot, at $1,000) was nowhere to be seen.

In fact, despite naming fifteen styles on the price list, we kept running into the same handful of heels across all sizes: The Marella, the maroon-and-mustard snakeprint Adelia, the pom-pommed Genie, the bejeweled Alis Studs, the Dodie bootie that reminds of us an Alexander Wang x H&M shoe, and the Neda knee-high mesh boot. Each pair needs to be unboxed and liberated from tissue paper, so have both hands free for browsing.

When you enter the ground-floor sale (no line, phew), make a hard left to find the 36s against the windowsill and follow along to get to higher sizes. The greatest abundance of sizes were between 37 and 38.5, with half-sizes available, but at most each size had no more than 30 pairs available. And given the one-day duration here, we're not expecting any restocking.

The dozen-plus attendees who arrived first thing this morning looked to be a mix of NYFW-ready editors and die-hard fans who were approaching the checkout with at least four stacked boxes, including a really long one for boots—that's easily $1,500 right there. There's plenty of space for trying shoes on here, with a row of back-to-back chairs in the middle of the room and one corner with a plush leather couch and coffee table.

The verdict? Go if you're a major Brian Atwood fan, or if well-made, high-end shoes are the pinnacle of your wardrobe to save several hundred off of retail. But if you're just a regular shopper who's not about spending $350 for not very practical footwear, then avoid exposing yourself to the elements today. The sale ends today at 5pm.