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New Prada Mannequins Have Most Glamorous Strain of Conjunctivitis

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Prada’s Soho flagship is now home to the brand’s latest "Iconoclasts" installation, the third in a series of temporary store overhauls dreamed up by fashion insiders. This time, Prada gave free reign to costume designer Michael Wilkinson and his partner Tim Martin, who transformed the space into a late ‘70s after-party, where fiberglass revelers huddle in corners and hang from the rafters. The mannequins’ outfits were created by Wilkinson and Martin from Prada’s spring 2015 brocades, but it’s their makeup (which kinda looks like fashion pink eye)—made of shattered mirror tiles, sequins, and stones—that really drives the disco-glam thing home. See more photos of the display, which will be on view through Sunday, February 22nd, in the gallery above.

Prada - Soho

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