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Catbird's New Delivery Service Brings Jewelry-Filled Gift Bags To Your Door

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If the newest way to shop for presents involve sitting on your ass, then count us in: Catbird is the latest in a string of brands offering same-day delivery services this Valentine's Day. The Williamsburg jewelry boutique has shacked up with Parcel to bring one of three jewelry-filled gift bags to your Valentine's door (or, y'know, your own).

Each set contains a Kitten candle, jumbo matches, at Catbird tote, and a different piece of jewelry, depending on which package you choose. With the Sail On Silver Girl ($104), you'll receive a sterling silver rose thorn necklace, while the Black Magic Woman ($236) contains black diamond Chained To My Heart earrings, and the English Rose ($304) has the Chained To My Heart necklace in rose gold. To sign up, head here—just be sure to order before 2pm to get your gift that day.