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Let's Pretend Every Guy on This Instagram Account Is Single

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The Internet is full of a lot of dumb things, but the "Hot Guys Reading" Instagram is not one of them. Earlier this month, an unidentified genius started this stupidly simple yet brilliantly beautiful account of New York City men getting lost in books on the subway, and it's garnered more than 200,000 followers with just 15 posts.

Almost as good as the pictures of the smart, scruffy, and suited guys that appear here are the captions that accompany them. "Good morning, single bachelor. Nothing gives me more hope than a banker without a band," the text for this photo reads. "I can tell he's a nice guy on account of the black loafers and blue socks. He's probably listening to Taylor Swift in those headphones." For the significant other-less dreading Valentine's Day, may participating in a search of Hot Guys Reading On The Subway substitute for a date tomorrow.