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Miley's Porn Film Not Porny Enough For Porn Festival

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Photo: Getty

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Miley Cyrus' "porn" film, the bondage-heavy but weirdly SFW (depending on your office's coolness with nipple pasties and gyrating) three-minute short, "Tongue Tied" has been pulled from the first-ever NYC Porn Festival. Though there are plenty of reasons why—including the fact that a festival organizer reportedly lied to both Cyrus' team and the New York Post—the most crucial is, surely, that the film is hardly porn at all.

"Tongue Tied," which has been on YouTube since last May and was used as an opener in Miley's Bangerz tour, has everything you'd expect from a Miley-led non-porn-but-kinda-porny porn—requisite amounts of tongue sticking-outage, trippy cartoons, and semi-awkward dancing—though conspicuously no sex or nudity. It wasn't even raunchy enough to violate YouTube's standards.

The Post reports that festival organizer Simon Leahy lied to their reporter when he said that Miley had submitted the film herself. Instead, it was submitted by production company Cadence Films, who, after the story went viral, asked Leahy to remove the film from the festival, claiming that he tricked them into granting permission to screen it in the first place. "The festival was presented then as a 'shorts screening at the artist-ran space Secret project Robot,'" writes the paper.

Anyway, the NYC Porn Film Festival (presented by PornHub!) will continue as scheduled sans-Miley at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick from February 27th through the 29th. Though if you're itching to see Miley in bondage, watch a clip of the film here.