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The Sexiest Workouts You Can Do in New York City

Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios

Driely S.
Driely S.

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A hard workout can generally make you feel one of two ways: dead-tired, or ready to rock the world. And for those that fall in the latter category, there's a particular subset that make to feel ready to rock somebody's world, if you catch our drift. For convenience, let's label these Sexy Workouts.

Luckily, New York City has a wealth of Sexy Workouts to choose from, ranging from empowering twerkouts to tantric yoga with a whole hot mess of options in between. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've rounded up the best ones out there to test out this week, this weekend, or whenever you feel like heading straight from your sweat session to the sheets (sans shower, if that's your thing).

Body & Pole

The emphasis in this Chelsea studio is on artistry over, say, getting ripped-but as one Racked writer can attest, trying to look pretty sure is hard work. Plus, the confidence you gain from mastering these maneuvers feels incredibly sexy. Intro classes are available for aerial hoop, aerial fabric, and pole dancing. And once you've mastered the basics in there, you can work your way up to fun classes like the high-heeled Divas workshop and the high-flying Pole'nastics.

115 W 27th St;


Stripping isn't just about taking your clothes off-the work that goes into a proper striptease routine actually takes some muscles. That's why these guys offer "Stripper Strength" classes that incorporate moves from real routines into a hardcore workout. Offerings here range from the "Core-geous" that builds tight abs to the "Booty Twerk, Jiggle n' Pop" that teach you hip hop video-worthy dance sequences. There's even lap dance classes, like this one that's designed specifically for couples. Heels are recommended for most classes, as are kneepads. (Warning: Some of the other non-fitness related classes on this site should not be viewed at work.)

520 Eighth Ave;


Last year's hottest workout hasn't lost any steam in 2015. The all-female participants kick off each class by striking a hungry model pose and calling out "Damn, I feel good for a Wednesday night!" before launching into an hour-long routine that the instructors pepper with booty pops and bass drops. Confidence-boosting attire like wedge sneakers and lipsticks are encouraged.

Multiple locations, including 500 Eighth Ave;


It may be physically impossible to shake your ass off, but this Caribbean dance workout is as close as it gets to making that idiom a reality. Even though previously undiscovered muscles will be on fire by the end of this class, there's a good chance you'll go home and practice what you just learned in the mirror so that later on, you can whip out a move on a moment's notice.

Multiple locations, including 520 Eighth Ave;

Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp

Not to discredit the lovely Dita von Teese, but a lot of the flirty moves we've seen in her routines don't really qualify as cardio (though they'll definitely get your heart racing). To counter that, Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp offers hour-long, women-only classes that incorporate the burlesque genre's sex-kitten touches into a dance routine that both tones and torches calories. All levels of dancers are welcome.

Chelsea Studios, 151 W 26th St;


Leave it to the rulers of inventive fitness classes to throw some good Sexy Workouts into their mix. Highlights include X Pole Dancing, a class that combines upper-body strength and dancing while wearing high heels; and Red Velvet, a dance class that incorporates red silks that drop from the ceiling into fluid (and at time sensual) choreography. Use their handy class finder to see which locations are offering these sessions and when. If you don't already belong to the gym, you can go with a member friend, or download a guest pass to try Crunch out for free-and as of today, select locations are offering class booking through Classpass.

Multiple locations;

Bold & Naked

For the truly adventurous in both the gym and the bedroom, we've saved the best for last: naked yoga. Vinyasa-style classes are available at this Chelsea studio with co-ed and men only options (note that there is a screening process to be admitted into your first class). Need to work your way up to the nudity? There's clothed classes, too.

163 W 23rd St;

Additional reporting by Roderic David