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Brooklyn Cafe Forces You to Actually Write That Thank You Note

Photo: Driely S.
Photo: Driely S.

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A new pop-up in Bed-Stuy devoted entirely to the "lost art" of letter-writing has rid you of all your excuses to not send out IRL thank-you notes this year. Snail Mail Café, an event series in which attendees can buy stationery, stamps, and a cup of coffee before sitting down to pen letters, recently kicked off at Daily Press Coffee, though organizer Sarah Bentley hopes to eventually open a permanent space.

"I think people are really longing to get back to forms of communication that are more meaningful and special," Bentley told DNAinfo. "I look at it as the slow communication movement, akin to the slow food movement. Getting a piece of handwritten mail from someone else, it's like finding an unexpected diamond."

Stationery comes straight from Brooklyn designers, and costs $7 including stamps. After each session, Bentley collects the letters, adds wax seals (!) and sends them herself, so the burden of remembering to find a post office box (arguably the worst things about letter-writing) is off your hands.