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Michael Kors' Broadway Store Includes the Menswear Floor New York City Deserves


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The Soho emporium that has been at least two years in the making is finally a reality for Michael Kors. WWD took a look at the just-opened 520 Broadway store that includes a shoe salon, an accessories floor, and a lower level that's entirely dedicated to menswear—signaling a big step forward in the American designer's 35-year career.

"Men have never been able to walk into our store and find the product and shop the same as women shopping," said Kors of his eighth Manhattan outpost. "I've always been one of the few designers who has always had men on the runway. We've always mixed men and women into our ad campaign. I'm thinking about a couple in our life. It's a story I've been telling, but I've never told it at retail before."

And to tell it at retail for the first time, the brand made sure to distinguish the men's floor from the women's selling area with touches like gray marble shelving, black leather wall coverings, and a very sleek-looking pool table.


"We had been looking for the right time and place to introduce the entire men's collection under one roof," brand chairman and CEO John Idol. Using this store as a test market, Michael Kors is planning to introduce more freestanding men's stores.

Plus, with the Broadway store nailing down menswear, the brand plans to convert its nearby Prince Street location into a store solely dedicated to women's collections.