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The Whitney Museum Allows Selfies, But Does It Allow Selfie Sticks?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

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Phew: Your Instagram game is safe at the Whitney Museum. Page Six got the all-important scoop from museum director Adam Weinberg (down at Art Basel, naturally): "I think a lot of people's instinct is to photograph what's there often before they even [look at it closely]," he said told an audience during a Q&A. "I think that's okay. I think every generation has a different way of doing it.

"If people are photographing or doing other things in the gallery, I think it's absolutely fine, because museums shouldn't be necessarily cloisters that are separated, he added. "The Whitney Museum is about the present."

That's good and fine and all...but what about selfie sticks? Earlier this year, the MoMA and the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum both banned the device popular with tourists, citing safety issues. So while there's strong selfie potential on the Whitney's public rooftop, just remember that it's a long way down while you're finding the perfect angle to frame you and your ten best friends.

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