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The Hugo Boss Sample Sale Has Ample Menswear, But It's a Bit Lackluster

Hugo Boss/Facebook

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Update: Prices have been further reduced for the sale's final day, though the sale host did not specify what those are. The reduced prices from Tuesday are reflected in the original report below.

We stopped by the Hugo Boss sample sale this morning to get a last-minute look at what's on offer before it packs up tomorrow evening. At this point, almost every item has some kind of markdown, and a select few have multiple price slashes on the tags (photos weren't allowed, otherwise we'd show you). But while the deals are significant, the selection is less so, and can be pretty hit-or-miss depending on what — or who —you're shopping for.

We already knew that the brand's sample sales don't typically have generous offerings for women, and this one is no different. A small section to the left of the room has a few racks of womenswear from size 0 to 14, all decently marked down (sweaters are now $95, down from $125, and you can get a dress for as low as $150), but nothing really stands out. It's all basic workwear, plentiful in skirts and dresses, with a few nice slacks and even fewer coats.

Solid-colored pumps dominate the shoe selection, and bags are individually priced. However, both of these areas were almost always devoid of shoppers this morning. One or two women stopped by to browse, but for the most part, everyone had bigger fish to fry over in men's.

Men's coats and jackets dominate the show, accompanied by an equal number of sport coats, suits, and tuxes, all adjacent to a seemingly never-ending wall of button-up shirts — you wouldn't know from looking at it all that the sale was winding down. The selection is still well-stocked in sizes and very organized, with mirrors on almost every rack. Almost all outwear (ranging from heavy-duty winter warmth to leather to pea coats to trench coats) is under $300, as are the tuxedos (marked down to $295), sport coats ($195), and trousers ($65).

While suits, made up of muted blacks, grays, and blues, are the most expensive item on offer at $375 (or three for $995), the accompanying products won't break the bank. Dress shirts are marked down to $65 or three for $175, with ties at $45 or three for $115. Dress shoes are just $125, and loafers will only cost you $115.

There were also basic sweaters ($75) and tees ($40), as well as an ample selection of $95 sneakers. All in all, the sale was pretty neutral. You can definitely snag great stuff, but don't expect to be blown away by what's available. Check the Dealfeed below to see when you can stop by before it wraps up tomorrow evening.