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The Tory Burch Sample Sale Is Packed With Pants, People, and Pricy Picks

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If you missed the surprise early opening of the Tory Burch sample sale yesterday at 261 West 36th Street, don't fret! We stopped by this morning before the doors opened and there are still plenty of bags, clothes, and shoes left to go around. However, when we left, there was a line of about 50 people outside (and a tipster more recently saw more than 100), so be prepared to wait.

You'll first find bags hanging on the left-hand wall in front of the registers. Prices range from about $145 to $295, depending on the style — check them out in the gallery above. We liked the mini bucket bags and a printed crossbody style the best.

Apparel starts with size 0/XS on the right-hand wall across from the bags. Sizes increase moving towards the back of the room, with 10s and 12s along the back wall and to the right. There isn't a lot to see in the larger sizes, but 0—8 are well-stocked. Overall, we noted an abundance of pants, with not as many dresses and tops as expected.

For what we did find in dresses ($175, or $225 if it's beaded), we liked a blue snake-print style with long sleeves. A few gowns ($450), including a floral sleeveless jacquard style and a purple beaded style, were notable as well. There was just one type of jumpsuit ($175) that's purple with a crocheted floral overlay bodice.

There are also plenty of coats ($225), jackets ($195), a few leather and suede jackets ($250), and a lot of shearling coats and vests ($450). However, the quality of the shearling on the available styles is questionable, so tread carefully here. We liked a light blue peacoat for $225 (from $795), and a dark green leather jacket for $250 (from $995).

In pants ($85), we saw everything from red jeans to silky printed styles to trousers with leather panels down the sides. Shorts and skirts are also listed at $85, but we didn't see any shorts. Skirts appear to be mostly printed minis, including a nice tan layered style. Leather and suede skirts are $250, while beaded ones are $225.

Tunics and long-sleeved tops are $95, and there are lots of boho-chic embroidered styles to choose from. Sleeveless and short-sleeved tops are $85, but embellished styles jump up to $225. Tees and polos are listed at $45, but the only polos we saw were in the size 10 section. Cardigans are $95 (though a suede-front one was $195) and sweaters are $115, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of them.

Finally, shoes are in the back right-hand corner across from the dressing rooms. Note that there is a five pair per customer limit. Sneakers, ballet flats, and flat sandals are $125; loafers, oxfords, heels, and wedges are $150; booties are $225; and tall boots are $300. There are two styles of tall boots, one flat and one heeled, and the only style of Burch's signature logo flats has tonal logo detail at the vamp, versus the gold.

Whenever you plan on heading over to this sale — it runs through Saturday at 5pm — get in the mindset that you'll be battling crowds both on the sidewalk and in the venue, and you should definitely give everything you pick up a good once-over for damages before heading to the (likely lengthy) checkout line. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.