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Okay, The Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Is Actually Happening This Week

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It looked like the venerable Christian Louboutin was trying to fake out eager, non-VIP sample sale shoppers by giving up its usual November dates earlier this year. But a tipster confirmed to us that discounted red soles are still indeed up for grabs this season — for the invited, that is. According to their invitation, the fashion house's semi-annual sample sale is returning to 307 West 38th Street this week.

Sure, you could show up and try your luck at the door between tomorrow and Thursday, but that almost definitely won't get you anywhere except face-to-face with an impatient security guard. As we've learned in the past, entry requires showing the invitation on your phone and an ID that matches the name on the list, and you need to be high up in the fashion industry or close with an employee to snag that invite in the first place. And while the doors used to be mercifully flung open to the public in the sale's final hours, that hasn't been the case in recent seasons (but hey, that doesn't mean it can't ever happen again).

So how can you get Christian Louboutin for less than full price right now? Mizhattan reported that seasonal markdowns for the brand began at both the boutiques and department stores last week, with discounts going up to 40% off retail prices. And while that doesn't sound as "glorious" as the sample sale prices we heard about in the spring, take comfort in the fact that you'll be paying for a better selection in both sizes and styles and avoiding the hassle of shopping a crowded, makeshift showroom (or waiting in a ginormous line).