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Thank Goodness Moleskine Is Having Another Sample Sale


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Moleskine promised us another sample sale for the holiday season, and now they're delivering. The brand informed us early today that it'll invite notebook nerds back to its West Chelsea offices on Monday, December 14th for a one-day-only blowout sale.

It's a good thing that they've decided to keep this event to a single day, because at the last sale in October, everything went so quickly on the first day that the second one was cancelled. Those who made it over to 210 Eleventh Avenue in time found pocket notebooks for $3, large notebooks for $5, and extra-large notebooks for $7, plus a handful of special collection items like Le Petit Prince planners. They were even giving away free notebooks from a designated pile.

Since these prices were the same as the sale before that, there's a good chance that they'll remain the same this time around — but given the proximity to the holidays, even more shoppers than before could be coming by, clamoring for last-minute presents with single-digit price tags. Check out the hours in the Dealfeed below.