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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: 'Hamilton' Workouts Have Arrived in New York City

Hamilton the Musical/Facebook

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Whether you've had the deep-pocketed pleasure of seeing Hamilton live or spent the past month weeping in your bedroom listening to the cast recording, you know the beloved rap rendition of our nation's history is heating up — and there's no sign of it slowing down.

Obama's obsessed — he was actually a fan well before you were. Buzzfeed has stripped us of all denial that we're in too deep. And now, you can experience the Hamilton cast recording in the best way we know how: while sweating profusely. Some of NYC's top boutique studios have caught onto the historically-driven trend and are now offering Hamilton-themed classes for newfound Revolutionary War-era obsessives.

SoulCycle — the veritable George Washington of theme rides — has already been selling out "Hamilton: A Hip-Hop Theme Ride" across the city. Add your name to the waitlists on Saturday's ride in Tribeca and Sunday's in West Village or West 92nd, and keep your eyes peeled for more rides on the schedule.

Row House is clearly as obsessed with Thomas Jefferson's adorable verses as you are, and have added two "encore presentations" of its "Hamilton Rows" to the schedule after their first this past November. We've gotta say that there's something ironically morbid about working out via the same manner Alexander headed towards his death at Burr's hand, but hey, at least the tunes reliving it are super catchy! The next row is on December 9th, and you can sign up here.

And then there's Broadway Bodies, who were on top of the trend like Maria Reynolds on Alexander (Act II burn!). They ran a month-long performance series to the Hamilton recording that did so well that elements of it will be coming back in future classes. In January, the studio will be hosting a full month of Hamilton songs in their Saturday morning Broadway Cardio classes — check the schedule soon so you don't miss your, ahem, shot.

Sweat like you're John Adams in office, try to muffle your singing along, and remember: if they dare play Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story during the cool down, you can tell everyone your tears are just post-workout sweat.