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Stock Up on Ace & Jig, Coclico, and More at Mode PR's Sample Sale

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The boutique fashion firm Mode PR probably represents at least one indie label that you love, and they just kicked off a sample sale that runs through tomorrow. We stopped by their Soho office to check it out just before the doors opened to find delightfully slinky underwear separates from Curriculum Vitae, wooden sole leather boots from Coclico, and bright printed fabrics from Ace & Jig. We also found new favorites from Samuji, David Michael, Dieppa Restrepo, Clyde, and Base Range.

Once you step off the elevator, the first thing you'll see are mountains of Coclico shoe boxes. All non-sample shoes are $200, which means big discounts on plenty of styles. But to our dismay, smaller sizes (think 36 and below) are few and far between. If you're a smaller size and see something in the photo gallery above you just have, we suggest that you head over soon to the sale to scoop up your boots.

If you're a size 37, you'll find yourself in shoe heaven — there's a massive wall of samples going for $120 each. Us non-size 37s found ourselves falling in love with a wooden sole clog-like bootie and some dainty oxford flats and leather boots with a nylon ankle sock.

If that's not enough footwear, the menswear-inspired Dieppa Restrepo will make sure you leave shoe-happy. Prices are labeled by colored stickers, with red dots meaning $80, yellow for $120, blue for $160, and so on. This corner is teeming with a seemingly endless different selection of styles and colors — see our favorites above.

Up next is clothing brand Ace & Jig and its colorfully-printed jumpers and dresses. Fall 2015 apparel pricing includes $190 for dresses and jumpsuits, $125 for tops, and $163 for bottoms. Anything from an earlier season — mostly spring or fall 2014 — will cost you a cool $90. Over in this corner, you'll get to practice your math skills with 10% off when you buy two pieces, 15% off when you buy three or four, and 20% off when you buy five or more. With perfectly designed (and comfy!) matching separates, you're going to have a hard time avoiding those additional discounts.

Finnish clothing brand Samuji has a rather lonely single rack of clothing, but it's stocked with some lovely winter pieces. A perfectly twee lamb fur coat was $896 (from $1,500), while a long-sleeved fringe dress was $258. We checked out the rack again before heading out once shoppers started arriving and found it ws already picked over in the first half hour of the sale opening. If you head in quickly, you might be able to get a major score on a luxe winter coat or two.

Next, the designer of David Michael was on hand to help you search through his merchandise — we particularly liked a peacock-inspired button-up dress for $100 and pleated trousers for $200. Afterwards, we picked through the lounge-ready separates of Base Range, finding heavily discounted intimates and a casual but stylish baseball tee silk top for $50.

Once you mosey over to New York-based lingerie brand Curriculum Vitae's selection you're going to start getting pretty excited. Surrounding the underwear separates table, where you'll find $45 bras and $25 undies, are racks of playful but sexy sleepwear and lingerie. An all lace onesie is going for $125 (from $245), and a boudoir-ready fringed slip is $100.

Lastly, hat brand Clyde represents this sale's accessories section with wide brim felt hats going for $117 (from $350), knit beanies for $174, and a small selection of leather backpacks for $212. Those hat prices are still somewhat steep, but there is a small back wall of summers styles with everything going for $60 — we found ourselves imagining our winter tropical getaways, wicker hat in hand.

The sale runs through tomorrow; check out the Dealfeed below for the logistics.