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The Rachel Comey Sample Sale Has So Many Shoes and One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

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Rachel Comey's sample sale kicked off this morning in the St. Patrick's Youth Center gymnasium at 268 Mulberry Street, but we stopped by the preview last night to let you know what you'll find. The sheer amount of shoes is both daunting and exciting, and there are tons of clothes to sift through as well.

Racks of shoes take up the entire center of the gym, and there are pairs lined up by size along the left-hand wall. Those along the wall are going for $100, or three pairs for $250. The best selection is definitely for sizes 5—6.5 and 9—11; check out our favorite styles in the gallery above.

But in the center, all sizes have a delightfully overwhelming selection of styles. We spotted tons of ankle boots ($140), sneakers ($130), and a few pairs of tall boots ($165). Closed-toe flats and heels are $130, rubber boots are $85, flat sandals are $115, wedge and platform sandals are $135, slippers are $45, and Camper X RC styles are $70.

Heading towards the back, past-season clothing is grouped by item on the racks. Note that most don't have any indication of size. First up are dresses, which are priced at $165. You'll find lots of artistic prints and unique sculptural silhouettes here. We liked a shift dress printed with a woman's obscured face, and a printed dress with a gold fringed bodice.

Behind the dresses is one rack with pants and jumpsuits (both $115) and another with jackets and coats (both $195). Styles of note include a strapless gold jumpsuit, a red printed romper, and an ultra-soft gray peacoat. There are more pants to the right, including a few racks of jeans. A white paint-splattered style and a high-waisted distressed style have the most stock. There are a few racks of skirts ($130) mixed in as well. An abstract blue-and-red printed pencil skirt was a favorite piece.

Tops and blouses are in the middle of the apparel section. Jersey tees and tanks are $80, while blouses and non-jersey tees and tanks are $100. There was a lot of a red striped top with a grommeted belt ($100), and a jersey-style tee in a few colorways ($80).

Knits ($115) and swimwear are on a long table to the right. Swim is $70 per piece, or $100 for one-pieces. We especially liked a patchwork two-piece set with high-waisted bottoms. Accessories are on a table in the right-hand corner — it appears that this table is mostly being used as a place to put discarded clothing, but there were a few bags and hats. Handbags and totes are $170, belts are $100, scarves are $70, socks are $12, and hats are $50.

Rachel Comey's picks and one-of-a-kind pieces are on racks along the right-hand wall. Pricing for these is a bit different: Blouses and non-jersey tees and tanks are $130, jersey tees and tanks are $100, dresses are $220, coats are $350, jackets are $275, knit clothing is $145, pants are $150, shorts are $120, and skirts are $140. Favorite one-of-a-kind pieces included a green cape top with black fringe detail ($130) and a black ribbed long-sleeve dress ($220).

We suggest heading over to the one-of-a-kind racks first, and then hitting the rest of the sale. There are no fitting rooms, so dress accordingly if you think you'll need to try on anything The sale runs through Saturday at 6pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.