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New York City's Newest Destination for Jeans Includes an On-Site Repair Shop

Courtesy of Nudie Jeans

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It's pretty obvious that Nudie Jeans, the Swedish denim brand that just opened up its first NYC shop on the Bowery, understands how personal shopping for jeans can be. Besides the fact that every pair of denim offered here is unisex (so as not to discriminate against a woman that prefers her pants extra baggy or a man that likes things on the tighter side), there's an on-site repair shop that will alter, hem, and fix any pair of Nudie Jeans for free — talk about service, right?

The shop is located on the corner of Spring and Bowery, and it fits in really well with its surroundings. Like the other shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, Nudie is a bit less commercial, which is also part of the reason why the founders chose this location over an address like Broadway in Soho, for example. The space itself feels raw and unpolished, with details like reclaimed wood furniture, an all-natural vegetable tanned leather cash rap, and the building's original concrete floor.


The store's focal point is definitely the repair shop. It stands right at the entrance, and it's where shoppers can customize any of the jeans they buy to their liking. Customers can also bring in any of their Nudie Jeans at any point in time to have them fixed. So if you're really not into the rips that formed by your knees after years of wear, the repair shop will fix them for you — most repairs only take about a week.


Aside from all of the (organic!) unisex denim, you'll find jeans for kids and an entire collection of menswear that includes super-soft fair trade organic cotton tee-shirts and knits. Although not everything in the store is necessarily organic, nearly all of it is sustainable or made from recycled materials — the beanies and rugs, for instance, are made from recycled denim.


Pretty much everything in the store is carried in all 20 Nudie Repair Shops throughout the world, minus one extremely soft, worn-in graphic tee-shirt (it almost looks like an old concert shirt) that was made exclusively for this location. And aside from the actual shopping experience, Nudie's got plans to host a multitude of cool events and projects at the store. If its opening party was an indicator of what's to come, then you won't want to miss what comes next.

Nudie Jeans

188 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA