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Where to Find the Trainers of Bravo's 'Work Out New York'

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Sean Gomes

Work Out New York, Bravo's attempt at turning seven hot NYC trainers into bonafide Bravolebrities, premieres on Sunday at 9pm. And if you thought we weren't going to be all about it, you would be so, so wrong. Just watch the preview, where people say things like "I want you to touch the fucking sky!" with zero irony.

But if sitting on your couch and watching Bravo is less your thing than, you know, actually working out, we've created a guide on how to meet the trainers IRL, including the classes they instruct or in some cases, the on-demand personal training businesses they run—plus where to find them after hours (ahem, the Soho House rooftop).

Lena Marti

Oh hey! One of this year's Racked's Hottest Trainers, this Queens native currently teaches at both Crunch and the buzzy Orangetheory Fitness in Chelsea. Though she was a dancer for 15 years, she turned to personal training after realizing her talent for helping others achieve their own fitness goals.

Holly Rillinger (Photo: Richard Fousler)

Holly Rilinger

She was out teaching classes at Flywheel's Hamptons outposts this summer, but the Racked's Hottest Trainers alum is also a Nike Master Trainer and a former pro basketball player. Unless you manage to snag a spot in one of her cycling classes, much of Rilinger's work is made of one-time events, personal training, and training camps all over the globe.

Joe Lazo

This season's self-dubbed "villain" can be found at super-intense gyms like CrossFit Solace (he's an official kettlebell trainer) and Complete Body, though his signature workout also combines CrossFit movements with Muay Thai. If you're looking to casually run into him outside of the gym, the former model and man-bun aficionado also appears to be a member of the Soho House.

Noah Neiman

Instagram star (and fellow hot trainer) Robin Arzon swears by his classes at Barry's Bootcamp ("Looking at Noah Neiman at Barry's every week never hurt anybody, either—eye candy for days up in there!"). He's also a Nike certified personal trainer, and has been known to frequent that secret Nike gym, 45 Grand.

Courtney Paul

Though Courtney has worked with celebrities from Alan Cumming to Jane Krakowski to Tara Lipinski, he also teaches at DavidBartonGym (including that amazing Limelight inside a church), Boot Camp Republic, and Barry's Bootcamp. He's also been spotted at Steel Gym for personal training sessions, as well as Crunch.

Layla Luciano (Photo: Driely S.)

Layla Luciano

She's a third-degree black belt in karate who's practically synonymous with Barry's Bootcamp (and one of Racked's Hottest Trainers in 2013!) but an even more surprising place you'll find her is at an elementary school—she's a certified teacher.

Lindsey Clayton

Yet another Barry's Bootcamp instructor, Lindsey began her career as a professional dancer on Broadway tours and currently works with celebrity clients in the city and in the Hamptons. Online, however, she co-runs a company called the Brave Body Project, a healthy lifestyle social network.