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Fashion Lovers' Favorite Instagram Photos of 2015

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on this year's greatest hits (and misses) — it's the Year in Racked. This time, we asked them to show us their favorite ‘gram.

Driely S.

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Alicia Yoon, owner, Peach & Lily: "One of the highlights of this year was having Peach & Lily partner with this exceptional non-profit called Restore NYC that seeks to end sex trafficking in New York. This is one of the sex trafficked victims who Restore NYC helped rescue and restore. We used this image to help kick off our campaign. One of the perks of being CEO is being able to decide on partnerships like this that I care for deeply. I love this image because it reflects the courage of this woman, what Restore NYC is doing, and it reminds me that we can find ways to contribute to causes that we care about."

Kai Avent-deLeon, owner, Sincerely, Tommy: "This was a shot of me at Big Bend during a road trip to Mexico City."

Phillip Salem, handbag designer, Owen: "Going to Condé Nast to show my was a fun event."

A photo posted by OWEN NYC (@owennyc) on

Karen Lord, Pilates instructor and owner, Karen Lord Pilates Movement: "This one of my dog Wolfie at the studio in a pair of my client's Tom Ford sunglasses."

Jessica Schiffer, senior online editor, V magazine:  "I over-Instagram and under-curate the fuck out of my feed, so I can't even go there."

Cynthia Sakai, jewelry designer, Vita Fede: "My favorite Instagram pic is my doggy, Faith, in our suitcase as I was making my move to New York City."

A photo posted by Cynthia Sakai (@vitafede) on

Rebecca Perkins, makeup artist and owner, Rouge:

A photo posted by Rouge_NY (@rouge_ny) on

Michelle Smith, fashion designer, Milly: "It's a tie between the front row at my spring show and this photo of me with my model squad crossing the Brooklyn Bridge."

Desiree Verdejo, owner, Vivrant Beauty: "Vivrant was featured in the New York Times on Thanksgiving Day. I bought all of the papers that the local bodega had (sorry, neighbors!). My husband snapped me beaming while rereading the write-up."

A photo posted by Desiree Verdejo (@dverdejo) on

Whitney Pozgay, fashion designer, Whit: "This photo is of my favorite dress for spring 2016, but more importantly, it was taken from the balcony of our new office, which has so much sunshine and a great view."

Amy Yee, owner, Maeven Vintage:

A photo posted by Maeven (@shopmaeven) on