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Fashionable Store Owners and Designers on New Year's Eve Plans and Outfits

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on this year's greatest hits (and misses) — it's the Year in Racked. This time, we asked them to remember how they will ring in the new year and, more importantly, what they'll wear.

Backstage at Jason Wu
Backstage at Jason Wu
Driely S.

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Kai Avent-deLeon, owner, Sincerely, Tommy: "I am going camping alone in the Catskills."

Alicia Yoon, owner, Peach & Lily: "I'll be in Colorado skiing and will likely spend the night in with champagne, a fireplace, and close friends. I'll probably be in my worn-in AG jeans that are so buttery soft by this point that I could even sleep in them and a cozy, oversized sweater. For the festive occasion, maybe I'll do a bold lip — Mac Ruby Woo is my go-to classic red — on probably an otherwise bare face."

Karen Lord, Pilates instructor and owner, Karen Lord Pilates Movement:  "I'll be going out to an elegant dinner with my fiancé to one of our favorite restaurants. The chef there is a great friend and always whips up the most amazing vegan dishes for us. I'm going to wear a Saint Laurent dress with my favorite slash-y Margiela boots and most likely my West African indigo 'shawl' (scarf, cape, throw) that I bought at Love Adorned — it has become my 'security blankie' because the indigo has magical powers."

Jessica Schiffer, senior online editor, V magazine:  "Finding someone to tranquilize me, preferably while wearing expensive pajamas that I do not own yet, but believe are vital to my self-worth."

Cynthia Sakai, jewelry designer, Vita Fede: "I really haven't planned for the new year quite yet, but I am sure [my outfit] will be something all black finished off with an abundance of gold jewelry."

Michelle Smith, fashion designer, Milly: "I'm sure there will be dancing — and I'm still deciding what to wear, but it will definitely be Milly."

Desiree Verdejo, owner, Vivrant Beauty: "I try to head to Hudson, New York whenever I can and am hoping to head there for New Year's Eve. My plans revolve around an amazing dinner and breakfast at Bonfiglio and Breads the next day. Hudson has a low-key vibe, so a leather mini skirt, ankle booties. and a fitted sweater will do."

Whitney Pozgay, fashion designer, Whit: "I don't know what my plans are yet, but I have my outfit ready — I'll be wearing a vintage dress covered in giant sequin polka dots."

Phillip Salem, handbag designer, Owen: "Ordering a really fancy meal from this amazing pizza place called Dominos."

Rebecca Perkins, makeup artist and owner, Rouge: "I'll be working at Rouge in flats!"