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Where to Find Seriously Discounted Makeup in Soho This Week


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Luxury skincare and makeup brand Chantecaille has opened its corporate office in Soho to shoppers for a sample sale this week, and Mizhattan is reporting that the small space at 588 Broadway boasts of six tables full of discounted merchandise. The shopping blogger found animal-themed eye palettes for $45, lipsticks for $15, mascaras for $10, and concealer/foundation for $20. Fragrances are $50 or $75, based on size, and candles are $30.

Skincare buffs maybe be disappointed Mizhattan only spotted two anti-aging products: Bio Lifting serum for $80 and Bio Lifting masks for $60. If you plan on stopping by the sale before it ends on Friday, go to an ATM first, since you won't be charged tax if you pay in cash. Check out the Dealfeed below for the sale's details.