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Whole Foods to Pay $500,000 for Overcharging Shoppers in New York

Whole Foods via Thrillist

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In an effort to settle an investigation that it overcharged customers in New York City, Whole Foods has agreed to pay $500,000 to the Department of Consumer Affairs. Bloomberg Business noted that the grocery chain issued a statement on its website, writing that "the company said that was no evidence of 'systematic or intentional misconduct' but agreed to pay the fine to 'put this issue behind us.'"

The "issue" is that in June, the DCA found that Whole Foods was overcharging customers for prepackaged food like vegetable platters and chicken tenders. Plenty of other grocers were accused of the same practice, but since this particular store can't seem to knock its "Whole Paycheck" image, they became the focus of this investigation. In addition to the payment, Whole Foods has agreed to do quarterly audits on at least 50 products from 10 departments at its New York stores to make sure the prices were correct, in addition to the employees individually weighing each package before fixing a price.

Last summer, the company announced it would launch a smaller concept store, 365 by Whole Foods Market, that's "convenient, streamlined, value-oriented," for millennial shoppers — in other words, it'll be cheaper. So between both initiatives, you may no longer have to spend your whole paycheck to go grocery shopping in New York City.