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Notable New Yorkers and Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on this year's greatest hits (and misses) — it's the Year in Racked. This time, we asked them to let us in our their holiday traditions.

Max Touhey

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Desiree Verdejo, owner, Vivrant Beauty: "My husband and I are the city dwellers in our family, and we love having everyone over to our apartment for a stylish Christmas Eve celebration with a carefully planned dinner menu, cute cocktail dresses, and thoughtful drinks."

Michelle Smith, fashion designer, Milly: "Normally, I leave town right after Christmas for a tropical locale, but this year my daughter Sophia is dancing in the Nutcracker at the New York City Ballet, so we'll be in [the city] and starting a new holiday tradition this year."

Alicia Yoon, owner, Peach and Lily: "On Christmas, our family will always have tea, cake, and share our favorite moments from the year, [as well as] our wishes for each other in the coming year. Our family is scattered around the world, so when we come together for Christmas, it's really nice to be able to celebrate each other's individual life milestones in-person as a family."

Phillip Salem, handbag designer, Owen: "Going to see Mariah Carey's Christmas Shows at The Beacon Theater. I go to almost every show with a different group of friends. It truly is a night of joy and festivity!"

Whitney Pozgay, fashion designer, Whit: "Every year, I have lunch at Fred's [at Barneys] the week before Christmas with my brother and my husband."

Jessica Schiffer, senior online editor, V Magazine: "We're not a big tradition family, but my dad passed away last year at this time, so I'm hoping to create a new tradition that we can use to honor him each year. With him as inspiration, this will likely involve some sort of five-hour-hike followed by a-five-hour-meal combination."

Karen Lord, Pilates instructor and owner, Karen Lord Pilates Movement: "Enjoying the empty city! I really take advantage of the quiet during the holidays to focus on myself and give myself a little break so I can bring that positive energy back to clients and friends in the New Year. Enjoying great meals is a favorite, too. One of the absolute best dishes for this season is a coconut-ginger purple and sweet potato mash."

Cynthia Sakai, jewelry designer, Vita Fede: "I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, corny holiday music, and those swirly rainbow candy canes!"