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NYC's Boutique Owners and Designers' Favorite Ways to Break a Sweat in 2015

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on this year's greatest hits (and misses) — it's the Year in Racked. This time, we asked them to talk fitness, what worked, and what hurt.

Beyond Yoga

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Michelle Smith, fashion designer, Milly: "I am a Soulcycle devotee to the max — [But] I'll try anything once."

Phillip Salem, handbag designer, Owen: "My trainer showed up with a set of boxing gloves one day, and I have really been obsessed ever since."

Whitney Pozgay, fashion designer, Whit: "Even though it's been around for a while, I'm still loving Soulcycle. I don't think I'll do super-hot yoga again."

Amy Yee, owner, Maeven Vintage: "The better part of this year was spent recovering from an injury with physical therapy and jaunts to my local gym. The workout that I've missed this most is definitely Bikram yoga — the sweating, need for focus, and conscious breathing is addicting."

Cynthia Sakai, jewelry designer, Vita Fede: "I love this new breathing/meditation class that I started taking. It puts me in such a calm, zen mood and gears me up to conquer my week! I also realized that spinning is not for me."

Rebecca Perkins, makeup artist and owner, Rouge: "I have never seen more direct, as promised results than with Physique 57. I gotta get back on the horse though! Jogging?No thanks."

Kay Lee, founder, Otte NY: "I couldn't get enough of dumbbell squats and plank pauses. I'm always eager to add anything that works the abs and glutes into my fitness regime."

Alicia Yoon, owner, Peach and Lily: "This isn't really a physical fitness craze, but in terms of wellness, I like that more people around me seem to be talking about meditation. I started meditating every morning this year, and I can say that it's qualitatively changed my life for the better — far better. I also gave Soulcycle a try this year, and my ankles kept twisting on the pedals. I appreciated the music and the energy, but unfortunately, I don't think I'll be joining the Soulcycle community."

Jessica Schiffer, senior online editor, V Magazine: "I'm a stubborn runner who refuses to try anything new. Maybe that will change in 2016, but, let's be honest: probably not."

Desiree Verdejo, owner, Vivrant Beauty: "I love cycling. The music, the speed, the motivation from other riders — it's the best! What I won't try again? No-carb diets. They yield quick results but also make you feel angry and sad. 'Everything in moderation' is the name of the game from now on."

Patricia Field, costume designer and owner, Patricia Field: "Just swimming. I learned to swim when I was a little kid, from my mother. I find that to be the best exercise for me for tone, stretching, and movement. It's something that I can do well and so I like it for that reason. I'm not with, you know, [spin]."