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The Tocca Sample Sale Is Definitely Not a Fancy Candle Destination Anymore

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The Tocca and Stila Cosmetics sample sale is still in full swing at 260 Fifth Avenue, but if you were hoping to snag a few candles before it wraps up at 8pm tonight, you better go now. We popped into the sale last night to find that the left side, where Tocca's massive selection of discounted merchandise was on Monday, has dwindled down to about 15 boxes for each of the four of the remaining full-size scents, plus travel atomizers, smaller sized hand creams, and a good amount of laundry detergent.

And if you thought the candle selection was small on Monday, you're definitely going to be disappointed now. We only spotted small candles ($10) in Stella and Giulietta, plus the set of three candles ($25) remaining. The sales associate we spoke to said that there are more small candles to bring out to restock, but only in the two scents that were on the table, and she wasn't sure if prices would be adjusted (read: marked down) closer to the sale's end. What's left is reflected on the price lists behind the tables — sales associates scratch off the item when it is no longer available.

Tocca's clothing selection seems virtually untouched. There are still two racks of children's clothing, and the women's offering is plentiful as well. And there is still a lot from Stila Cosmetics, unless you're looking for the gift sets ($10), because only a few are left. Everything else — the eyeliners, lipsticks, blushes, and glosses — are ample and still priced at $5.

The sale ends at 8pm tonight, so check out the Dealfeed below for the details. And if you're heading to check the candle selection out for yourself, let us know how you fare in the comments.