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The Nine Best New Gyms NYC Saw in 2015

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we're taking a look back at the most notable shopping and fitness news of this year and looking forward to what's to come in the next — it's the Year in Racked.

Orangetheory Fitness

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Have you lost track of all the gyms that came to New York City this year? Consider this your handy guide. We've highlighted nine of the city's best fitness additions in 2015 below, broken up by what's totally new and what's a better version of the workouts you might already be familiar with. Make it your resolution to check out these places at least once in the new year — your body will thank you.


Beebe's Buttcamp, 37 W 26th St, Nomad

What started as a play on words and a coy play into the body part of the moment became one of New York City's best under-the-radar workouts in just under a year. While the booty-focused workout doesn't have its own studio (at least not yet), it has garnered a legion of dedicated and well-toned followers.


Photo: Sean Gomes

Kore New York, 336 W 13th St, Meatpacking District

Combine a super-tough interval workout with one of the most dedicated (and hottest) trainers in New York City, and you get Kore New York, the Meatpacking District's premier gym of 2015. You'll be suspended from TRX straps one minute and down on the floor doing push-ups the next, not wasting a single second — or dollar — to get the most out of your luxe sweat session.


Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness, 124 W 23rd St, Chelsea

Though the science-based interval workout has tons of locations across the country, it didn't break into Manhattan's fitness scene until February of this year. Consisting of treadmill running, strength training, and rowing, the class's efficacy comes from monitoring and keeping your heart rate at its ideal level for your body — a zone that's color-coded as orange, naturally.


Pop Physique/Facebook

Pop Physique, 31 W 26th St, Nomad

Los Angeles's barre class for your butt made its way to New York City in late 2015, courtesy of Classpass. While the workout itself has a lot of what you'd expect from other barre classes in the city (with a little extra attention to the booty, of course), branding is where it's strongest here, from its sleek entryway with cool floors and neon signage to its merchandise — "Barre Whore" tank tops, anyone?


Shadowbox, 28 W 20th St, Flatiron

This Flatiron gym aimed to become the Soulcycle of the boutique boxing world, glitzing up the stereotypical image of punching bags in a bleak-looking gym with sexy lighting, trendy music, and amenities ranging from C.O. Bigelow products in the locker rooms to a café with cold brew coffee and fresh juice that you can pre-order for after class. It looks like it's working: Its second location is headed to Brooklyn next year.

New Versions of Old Favorites

ChaiseFitness, 180 Maiden Ln, Financial District

What started as a seriously tough workout on a funny-looking chair has expanded into a full-blown gym down in the Financial District, assuming the neighborhood's preferred architectural style with floor-to-ceiling windows in its studios. Aside from its signature class, the new location also offers mat-based classes and cycling, and it's giving dedicated attendees something they haven't seen at locations in Flatiron or the 92nd Street Y: Showers in the locker rooms.

A photo posted by BFX Studio (@bfxstudio) on

BFX Studio, 30 Broad St, Financial District

Like ChaiseFitness, BFX headed downtown and got Financial District-ified — just check out that luxe entryway above. The boutique fitness experience — that's what BFX stands for — took its multidisciplinary approach to Broad Street in March, where it has room to spread out its retail area, locker room amenities, and gym space. Seriously, the ceiling heights in its master class studio are just insane.


The Fhitting Room/Facebook

The Fhitting Room, 201 E 67th St, Upper East Side

Though this kettlebells-obsessed gym has been a major player in NYC's boutique fitness scene since its launch, its studios haven't always reflected that — until this year. After a proper Flatiron studio came this new Upper East Side location in a space that's so large that it's been dubbed "the penthouse." Other studios at this address include a combo Flywheel/Flybarre and SLT.

Alycea Ungaro Real Pilates, 333 Hudson St, Soho

One of the pioneers of boutique fitness, Ungaro decided to take her business to the next level by expanding from Tribeca to Soho this fall. "There has been a huge demand for Real Pilates since we opened the doors to our Tribeca studio over twenty years ago," she explained at the time of her decision to double down.

Stay tuned for the gyms we're most looking forward to seeing in New York City in 2016, coming up next week!