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There Really Is a Starbucks on Just About Every Manhattan Corner, Study Shows

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To the New York City pedestrians who incredulously proclaim that "there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner!" well, you're right. The Center for an Urban Future's most recent "State of the Chains" report found that the coffee purveyor has more stores in Manhattan than any other national retailer with 220 locations — but in every other borough, Dunkin Donuts tops the list. There are 171 locations of the donut chain in Queens, 149 in Manhattan, 135 in Brooklyn, 80 in the Bronx, and 33 on Staten Island.

The report ranks 300 national retailers representing 7,626 stores in NYC, showing brand fluctuation throughout the year. Overall, chain store proliferation slowed considerably  — only a 1% increase across the city as a whole, compared to last year's 3.3% increase. The number in Manhattan actually decreased by .1% (representing a loss of three stores, down to 2,804), but the Bronx brought the average back up with a 3.3% increase, from 914 stores to 944.

The zip code with the highest number of chain retailers is once again 10001 in Midtown; it's home to the Manhattan Mall and Herald Square, and boasts 175 chain store. And the zip code that saw the biggest increase was 10475 in Baychester/Co-op City in the Bronx, gaining 20 retailers.The report also found Manhattan has the most chain stores per square mile — 118 locations, to be exact.

In the apparel and accessory realms, retailers like Ecko Unltd., Frederick's of Hollywood, Montblanc, and Underground by Journeys fell off the scene by closing up their last stores. On the flip side, Fossil, Coach, Skechers, and Sunglass Hut each had significant growth this past year. And the brand with the biggest decrease in stores? Radio Shack, unsurprisingly, which went from 113 locations in 2014 to 37 this year.

Below, check out the list of New York's top ten chains:

  • Dunkin Donuts — 568 stores
  • Subway — 444 stores
  • MetroPCS — 323 stores
  • Duane Reade/Walgreens — 307 stores
  • Starbucks — 307 stores
  • McDonalds — 232 stores
  • T-Mobile — 217 stores
  • Baskin Robbins —  214 stores
  • Rite Aid — 197 stores
  • GNC — 175 stores