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NYC's Fashion Set Dishes on Their Best (and Worst) Purchase of 2015

As the end of 2015 approaches and 2016 sits on the horizon, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on this year's greatest hits (and misses) — it's the Year in Racked. This time, we asked them to spill the beans on their best and worst purchases.

A jumpsuit spotted during NYFW
A jumpsuit spotted during NYFW
Driely S.

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Patricia Field, costume designer and owner, Patricia Field: "I bought a pair of Bernard Wilhelm sneakers at my friend Ida [Bernstein's] consignment shop. I started wearing them, and I'm not a sneaker girl — usually, I buy a pair, wear them once, and they sit in my closet — but these were different. I wore them and everyone was like 'Where'd you get those sneakers?' and finally, I have a sneaker success.

"Worst? Oh. I didn't make any. Maybe it's been because I was so busy I haven't been shopping my head off. I've been neglecting myself. I've been wanting to go shopping, actually."

Whitney Pozgay, fashion designer, Whit: "My best purchase of the year was a Clarisonic. It wakes my face up in the morning. My worst was cooking supplies and kitchen gadgets that we never use — now they just take up space in our kitchen."

Amy Yee, owner, Maeven Vintage: "My best purchase this year was a Nordic mid-century rug from Sharktooth, a vintage rug and textile shop in Williamsburg. The owner Kellen has a great eye and reasonable prices for the quality she stocks. I'm eyeing an overdyed patchwork quilt as my next purchase."

Karen Lord, Pilates instructor and owner, Karen Lord Pilates: "Best — guitar. Worst — guitar. I love it so much, [yet] am too busy to play it. But I resolve to make time in 2016."

Rebecca Perkins, makeup artist and owner Rouge: "The new Pat McGrath Labs gold pigment is definitely my best purchase. I'm so excited to see what she is coming up with. The worst was a beautiful pair of pants from the gorgeous store Warm when I was nine months pregnant that I aspired to fit into but realized that I never will so I gave them [away]."

Phillip Salem, handbag designer, Owen: "Best? This amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim military vest — it is a remarkable piece that adds a fun moment to any outfit. Worst? This awful tee that says 'Mars' on it, or something like that ... What was I thinking? And it has this weird graphic motif on it. It's not cute! I'm not a fan of anything with graphics or phrases on clothing."

Jess Schiffer, senior online editor, V Magazine: "My best purchase was Proenza Schouler's medium Elliot bag, which I have not put down once and goes with everything in my closet. My worst was anything I bought on a last-minute whim from a fast fashion store (usually for a date or some party — both inevitably underwhelming)."

Desiree Verdejo, owner, Vivrant Beauty: "I'm usually a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, but I make exceptions for strong statement pieces. I bought this handmade crocheted silk statement Celeste Bracelet from This Ilk to wear to my boutique's grand opening event. I got so many compliments that I decided to add a limited collection of the brand's handmade pieces to our shelves — definitely my best purchase.

"Worst? I couldn't get enough of the cape moments gracing red carpets (hello, Lupita in Ralph Lauren!) and couldn't wait to have my own superwoman moment. When I tried on the caped jumpsuit that I ordered from Nastygal, my small frame was drowned in the extra fabric. Every look is not for everyone."