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Cire Trudon Brings Paris, Heavenly Candles to Elizabeth Street

Courtesy of Cire Trudon

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It only took a few centuries, but Cire Trudon has finally opened its first permanent New York City store as of yesterday. You might already be familiar with the world's oldest active candle company, first established in 1643 — it's carried at Barneys and Saks, and it popped up on Bond Street a few years back. But the Nolita store offers a couple of things beyond candles that you can't pick up at the department stores.


Situated on Elizabeth Street — just down the block from competitors Le Labo, Atelier Cologne, and Diptyque —the location was chosen not only since it fits in really well with all of the other fragrance shops in the area, but also because Nolita is similar to the small shopping neighborhoods in Paris. It feels cozy with rich burgundy walls and floors, plus mirrors that nod to Versailles. No detail is left unaddressed — even the playlist is made up of a collection of songs that represent each of the brand's 25 scents.

Most of the candles and room sprays are aligned on the right side, with only a few candles displayed on the left, which helps guide your eye to the length of the store (it's small, but also feels pretty long). Besides for the classic candles, travel candles, and room sprays, the shop has the holiday candle collection, as well as the brand's collection of scented matches that come in these really cool matchboxes designed by illustrator Lawrence Mynott (it's great gift idea, since they're just $15).

Things that you won't find at Barneys include a collection of antiques that range from $100 to $300 like beautiful Parisian candelabras, as well as the Napoleon Imperial Pillar Candles that are each stamped with a Napoleon cameo.

The store exudes that traditional beautiful French vibe, but with its modern neon lighting, you're definitely reminded that you're still in New York. So if you're looking to get transported back to old Paris for a little while, go give Cire Trudon a visit.

Cire Trudon

248 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012, USA