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Prices at the Joie, Equipment, and Current/Elliott Sample Sale Were Just Slashed

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The Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott sample sale has been open since Tuesday, but we stopped by again today to check out the damage. Current/Elliott jeans are now $20, but if the selection was disappointing when the sale opened, now it's just plain unimpressive — even after the additional 50% discount that was just enacted this afternoon. Overall, the sale is very picked over, and what's left can best be described as "Midwestern mom."

What's left in the Equipment section is mostly very floral, pastel, and long-sleeved. A white button down with bright yellow stripes ($27.50) is still well-stocked, and we also noticed a fruit-printed top ($25). There are some sweaters and jackets left as well, with lots of navy blue blazers ($50) remaining.

We saw plenty of short-sleeved Joie blouses left, but they're all crumpled and brightly colored, like a yellow floral-print top with crocheted lace detail ($22.50). An umbrella printed top ($22.50) with a shirred collar and sleeves stood out. There are a lot of sweaters left in this section as well, with a cropped green style ($15) and a fuzzy purple sweater ($50) worth picking up.

The Current/Elliott sections are very condensed, with all jeans now priced at $20 — we still didn't see any jeans that we liked, though There are a lot of white denim jackets ($32.50) left, as well as a gauzy white button down blouse ($22.50). Tee-shirts are still well-stocked, with a blue striped style looking like the best bet ($15). Shorts appear to be untouched from the preview.

Joie bottoms are mostly pants, with a fair amount of jeans ($20) left. There's a good number of dresses left as well, with a dark purple floral style ($30) in abundance in particular. We also liked a snakeskin print dress ($30). Accessories are very picked over, and the rack of scarves that was in front of the stairs is gone. Jackets are really picked over, but we did see a faux fur vest ($100) and a navy blue cape with a furry trim at the neck ($50). There's one rack of leather and embellished styles left. We liked a floral print leather jacket ($100) and a black pleated leather skirt ($100). The Soft Joie merchandise still has a lot of stock, but nothing there is really worth going through.

If you are in the mood to scope out these extra discounts for yourself, you have until Saturday evening to do so — check out the Dealfeed below for more details.