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The Korres Sample Sale Has a Limited Amount of Luxe Stocking Stuffers (Updated)

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Update: As of Friday afternoon, this sale has been restocked and extended to run on Monday from 10am to 1pm.

There was a line of about 20 people outside the Korres sample sale when the doors opened at 10am this morning. Inside, we found four folding tables set up in a corner of the office space at 270 Lafayette Street holding all the goods. Because of the cramped shopping space, expect a bit of an...intense experience, to say the least.

Everything and anything with wild rose was going fast, including travel kits and the Sleeping Mask. Besides wild rose items, travel kits in general were another popular pick. The Holiday Fruits shower gel set was also being picked up frequently.

Shower gels, body butters, and gift sets are to the left and on the tables along the back, with makeup on the right-hand table. Body products pricing is as follows: Body butter is $14, shower gel is $10, mini body butter is $5, Apothecary shower gel is $10, Wild Rose and Greek Yogurt Head to Toe kits are $22, with the same scents in travel kits priced at $15, Brightening Beauties kits are $20, Firming and Nourishing Beauty Kits are $28, Deluxe Body Butter Trios are $22, Butter Luxury kits are $15, Mini Shower Gel Quads are $12, hand cream trios are $15, Japanese Rose Trio Packs are $26, Holiday Fruits/Spice shower gel quads are $15, and the Guava Hydration Kit is $15.

Skin care is mixed in with the body products, and there are only a few products available. Wipes are $5, Beauty Shots face masks are $10, Beauty Shots Mask Kits are $30, Black Pine Night Cream and the Wild Rose Sleeping Facial are $25, and the Milk Proteins Cleanser is $10. There were only a few Wild Rose Sleeping Masks, and the packaging was pretty beat up.

Makeup doesn't appear to be popular, with only a few shoppers looking at it at all. That surprised us, because the prices are really good. Magic Light Contouring Powder is $10, Quercetin and Oak concealer is $8, the same in foundation is $12, Quercetin and Oak kits are $15, Raspberry Twist Lipstick Trios are $15, Eyeliner Collection packs are $12, Shadow Sticks Trios are $10, lip glosses and pots are $6, Nail Trios are $10, nail polishes are $5, lipsticks are $8, and lipstick trios are $12. Overall, the lipstick shades are on the darker side.

Shoppers were stocking up on products quickly, so we suggest heading to the sale as soon as possible if you have your eye on something in the gallery above. The sale runs through tomorrow at 4pm Monday at 1pm, and you can check out the Dealfeed below for more details.