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The Most Popular Boutique Fitness Studios Are Adding Even More NYC Locations

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Alex Ulriech

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With stationary bike-filled studios popping up more frequently than Starbucks these days, you have to wonder just how many locations a fitness chain could add before they reach saturation. It doesn't look like we'll know the answer to that question any time soon, though, as three more recognizable names claim Manhattan territory yet again:

  • Pure Barre's West Village studio opened on Monday, rounding out a year that included new studios in the Financial District, Greenpoint, and a second Upper West Side location.
  • Soulcycle's next Manhattan location comes to 98 Tenth Avenue a week from today, with a complimentary matcha bar greeting riders on December 22nd and a full-blown grand opening party set for January. Their 2015 opening list also includes (but isn't limited to) Brooklyn Heights, Bryant Park, Midtown East, and the upper Upper West Side.
  • And speaking of which, that's where SLT is headed next. The Megaformer-happy workout is opening its first ground-floor studio on Columbus Avenue and 88th Street in January; the smallest of these three fitness studios, SLT's most recent debuts included Flatiron and East Hampton.

Add these to the list of gyms both big (Barry's Bootcamp, Flywheel) and small (Tone House, ((305)) Fitness) planning to take additional studio space in the city next year.