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At the Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott Sample Sale, Everything Is Small

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We stopped by the preview of the Joie, Equipment, and Current/Elliott sample sale yesterday evening at 260 Fifth Avenue, and if the line outside the preview is at all indicative of what's in store for today, bring a book — you'll be waiting for a while. But stick it out if you're a size small (that's almost all we saw for all merchandise categories, with Current/Elliot jeans exclusively in a size 27), because the overall selection is amazing in terms of color and variety.

First up to the right after coat check is Equipment tops. Prices are as marked, but for the most part tank tops are $35, silk short-sleeved blouses are $50, and silk-long sleeved blouses are $55. Cotton short-sleeved and long-sleeved blouses are around $50 as well. There is a ton to see, but favorite pieces included a floral silk blouse ($35), a navy moon-print silk tee shirt ($50), and a cotton short-sleeved button-down blouse with an animal print ($50) — check these out and more in the the gallery above.

Sweaters, dresses, jackets, and bottoms are towards the back to the right. We did see a few non-small jackets, which are priced around $100, and a nice a navy blue blazer ($100). There aren't a ton of dresses, but we liked a blue silk sleeveless shift dress ($60) that's available in other colorways, too. Pants looked very pajama-y, but a fish printed pair stood out ($35).

Moving to the right, a section of Joie starts off with tank, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved tops. These are not divided by fabric, so cotton, silk, and neoprene are all mixed together. Pricing is also not quite as uniform as it appears to be with Equipment, but tank tops are around $35, short-sleeved tops are about $45, and long-sleeved tops are around $50. Here, we liked a grapefruit-print tank ($35), a silk-short sleeved blouse with lip prints ($45), and an silk silk long-sleeved top ($55). There are a few sweaters here as well, priced around $60.

Current/Elliot begins to the right of Joie tops. Sweaters, jackets, tops, and shorts make up the first section for the brand, with jeans further to the right. We saw lots of chambray in tops, with a gray tank priced at $25, a printed short-sleeved style for $45, and a long-sleeved style for $40. There are tons of knit tanks ($25) and tees as well, all size 1/small. There are a few sweaters ($40) and jackets as well, with a cream faux-shearling moto jacket standing out ($100). There are a few pairs of shorts and some dresses towards the back, but the selection isn't great.

This sale is definitely better for tops than bottoms. Not only were Current/Elliott pants and jeans exclusively size 1 or 27, but the styles available were also outdated. We couldn't find a single pair of plain jeans — everything has embellishments or prints. We did spot a pair of wearable navy chinos ($50), and black jeans that were oddly cut but also probably wearable ($41).

Joie dresses are to the right of the Current/Elliott jeans. We saw a lot of ruching here, but a white floral print dress ($60) stood out. Bottoms are past the dresses moving towards the back. The selection here was also fairly sparse, but here is where you can find some plain jeans for $40. Jackets are to the right and are a steal for about $100. We liked a long gray coat ($100) and a checked style with a faux fur hood ($100). While we saw shoppers carrying fur jackets and possibly coats, we didn't see any hanging up, so they're most likely sold out.

There are separate racks for Joie embellished and leather apparel, including a brown suede shift dress with a lace-up bodice ($200), and a blue leather skirt ($200). There are also a few Charlotte Gainsbourgh for Current/Elliott leather jackets hanging up in this section, with a black bomber priced at $150.

Soft Joie sweaters, tops, blouses, dresses, pants, and shorts are in the back right-hand corner next to the dressing rooms. We liked a black dress with a layered bodice ($35) and very comfy-looking purple heathered sweatpants ($35).

Joie scarves are knotted around a rack in front of the stairs along the right-hand wall, and they appear to be priced between $30 and $49. There are a few Joie bags ($60), socks ($22.50), and knit scarves ($49) on shelves by the registers, as well as a few fur stoles for $75.

Unless you're petite, you may want to skip this sale — the selection for items that weren't size small, size 1, or size 27 was extremely limited. We'll be checking back on this sale later in the week to see if that changes, but in the meantime check out the Dealfeed below to see when you can stop by.