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Moleskine Sample Sale Notebooks Once Again Start at $3

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Moleskine is back for a one-day sample sale today at 210 Eleventh Avenue, and we stopped by a few minutes before the doors opened at 10am — there was already a line forming outside, so you can expect everything to go quickly.

The sale is in a room to the left after opening the door to the suite. There are boxes of notebooks on the floor in the center of room, as well as tables and shelves full of merchandise along the walls. This sale also has bags and books from the publishing division, which we were told is a first.

We saw tons of colored notebooks, with extra-small hardcover versions priced at $3, the popular sets of two softcover notebooks priced at $5, and black hardcover notebooks at $5, with larger notebooks and smart notebooks priced at $10. Specialty notebooks, like a recipe journal, are $5 as well. Folder sets are $3, and pens are piled in a box and priced at $2. Books from the publishing division are $12, and we saw a lot of copeis of "Evolution by Design" by John Alcorn.

Bags are priced around $100, and there are a few styles available, such as duffle bags and messenger bags. Laptop cases for 10" computers are going for $10.

The last few sales have been mobbed, so we suggest heading over as soon as possible. The sale runs through 5pm today; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.