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Inside Today's Gorgeous Ralph Lauren Sample Sale

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Update: Prices have been further reduced for the sale's final day; the sale host did not specify what those markdowns are. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

When we got in line this morning half an hour before the doors opened to the Ralph Lauren sample sale, a crowd of about 50 people had already been queueing across the street from the venue at 317 West 33rd Street. However, sales staff keeps the crowd moving quickly through the merchandise that's nearly all 70% off, so the wait wasn't as as long as we thought it'd be.

In the second floor sale space, clothing is spread out on tables as well as hanging along the far walls (sorry, no photos were allowed). Everything is 70% off its retail price with the exception of women's shoes, which are priced as follows: Heels are $175, flats and sneakers are $140, booties are $200, boots are $340, and exotics are $400. When the mental math gets old, there are calculators (!!) spread out around the sale space.

Women's dresses, coats, jackets, skirts, and pants are hanging up along the left-hand wall. The apparel is organized by size, which ranges from 0 to 16. Overall, there is a lot of white. We noted that while the smaller sizes have way more clothing, the larger sizes have a better color selection.

Pieces that stood out include a white cashmere and wool walker coat with a matching snood ($418.50), olive green trousers ($268.50), a light olive suede pencil skirt ($598.50), gray suede pants ($508.50), a brown croc-embossed leather jacket ($958.50), and a khaki trench coat with metallic sleeves and panels trimmed in suede ($1,498.50). We also noted a white blazer ($448.50) hanging next to matching trousers ($208.50), a white sheath dress with patent leather detail at the collar and shoulders ($478.50), and a black knit tank with an asymmetrical hem ($208.50).

The one rack of jeans is in the back left, and there are only a few pairs in sizes 29—31. We liked a brown coated cotton pair and a black pair with a textured racing stripe (both $148.50). Evening wear is right in front of the women's dressing rooms in the left-hand corner, with just a few pieces in sizes 0—14. The most frequent style is a navy blue gown with a gold leather cut-out bodice ($1,498.50). We liked a black cashmere knee-length dress with an asymmetrical hem and ostrich feather cuffs ($898.50).

Women's knits are on the table that's farthest to the left. There are tons of sweaters and cardigans in all kinds of colors. Notable styles include an ultra-soft heather cashmere, wool, silk, and angola-blend cardigan ($208.50), and a very confusing marigold cable knit "circle cardigan" priced at $388.50 from $1,295.

Moving to the right, the next table has more women's knits and shoes. There are far more women's shoes than men's, but we saw some handsome brown leather wingtip derby shoes ($405) as well as plain black leather derby shoes ($330). Men's shoes are all piled together, but women's are separated out by size, which runs from 5.5 to 11. We noted mostly brown leather sandals, both flat ($140) and heeled ($175), in the women's section.

Bins of men's pants, shorts, tees, and knits are arranged by size along the far back wall behind all the tables. In pants, there are mostly olive green chinos ($55.50) up for grabs. We saw tees priced $28.50—$58.50, and knit sweaters that are $55.50—$148.50. The men's dressing rooms are by these bins in the back right corner.

Going back to the tables, next up is men's dress shirts and ties. We saw lots of fun ties, like a bright pink, yellow, and green floral style, and a black and white tie printed with zebras, as well as solid styles — All of them appear to be $64.50. Dress shirts are arranged by size, with plenty of stock in 15—18 as well as half-sizes. Plain white styles are priced around $148.50, and we saw a blue checked shirt for $118.50. There are a few sport shirts, sized S—XXL, at the end of the table as well. We liked a chambray style for $79.50, and a black printed style for $105.

Moving to the right, the next table has men's Purple and Black Label knits and sweaters. We saw lots of Purple Label polos ($105) and crewneck cashmere sweaters ($298.50). A favorite style was a brown suede bomber jacket-inspired cardigan with gray knit sleeves ($898.50).

The men's apparel hanging along the right-hand wall begins with outerwear. There are lots of quilted vests ($388.50), and we also saw a vintage-inspired brown leather jacket ($748.50) and a black moto shearling jacket ($1,498.50). After the outerwear is suits, which range from sizes 38—44. We saw gray, navy, and black styles priced at $538.50, $598.50, and $688.50, respectively. There are a few sport coats behind the suits in sizes 40—48. We liked a navy cashmere style ($1,198.50), and a brown houndstooth style with purple detail and suede elbow patches ($1,498.50).

After the sport coats, there are a few racks of trousers and shorts in sizes 28 to 32. Most trousers were priced at $135. Then, there are some button down shirts hanging up but they looked outdated and rumpled.

When we left at 10am, there were another 50 or so people waiting to get in, so expect a decent wait to shop this really great sale at any point today. It runs through Monday at 5pm; see the Dealfeed below for more details.