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The Ace & Jig Sample Sale Is Calmer (and Smaller) Than You'd Expect

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The last time Ace & Jig was on offer at sample sale prices, things got a little hectic, so we were bracing ourselves for more of the same as we walked into 636 Broadway this morning. However, this sale is so calm that for a moment we were scared we were in the wrong place. And yet, Ace & Jig womenswear lined the first corner of the venue's walls, accompanied by other brands like Carolina K and Hanah NYC. It's almost immediately clear why this sale isn't drawing the same crowd as last time: the discounts aren't anywhere near as good.

When it comes to the Ace & Jig clothing, there's nothing below $100. Prices are listed above the racks, with tops being the cheapest at $125. However, if you're there for the brand's signature dresses and onesies, you'll be paying almost $200 — a steep jump from the $60 price tag during the spring.

There's also not much to choose from. There are three racks at most of the brand's clothing, and the rest of the venue is filled with clothing from other designers, including a cash-only vintage section and a large "miscellaneous" section where everything is just $15.

In terms of sizes, most of the Ace & Jig apparel lingered in small and medium territory, with a few larges popping up here and there. The other brands were a tad more universal, especially when it came to pieces that had a lot of stock. The one-offs, however, are anyone's guess, but you can try stuff on in a little area in the back behind some stray racks.

Some highlights include a Morgan Carper suede jacket marked down to $165 from $616 and a giant, chunky vintage wool sweater for just $30. There's also a selection of Jo Handbags displayed on a table, with the average carry-all costing around $150. See the rest of what we found in the gallery.

By the end of our visit, a few issues had cropped up. Turns out, jackets weren't put on the Ace & Jig price list (they're $230) and a whole crop of what was on offer was from previous Ace & Jig seasons, which sales associates were busy sorting through, and was supposed to be cheaper (no word yet on how much). We also overheard another associate telling a customer that if they find any item on sale for cheaper online, they'll match it, so get hunting. Details are in the Dealfeed below.