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The Assouline Sample Sale's Luxurious Coffee Table Books Start at Under $4

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Because swanky books make great holiday gifts, the Assouline sample sale kicked off at 10am this morning at 601 West 26th Street. All books are either 75% off or 85% off, and are marked with color-coded stickers — blue for the former, red for the latter.There are seven tables piled with books, organized by original prices. Books that were once $25 are now only $3.75 at 85% off, and at the other end of the spectrum, books that were originally $845 are $126.75 with a red sticker, or $211.25 with a blue one.

The least expensive books are towards the back of the room, and increase in price as you move towards the front. The giant "Impossible Collection" books that retail for $845 are along the right-hand wall towards the front of the room. We saw stacks of the Jewelry, Cars, and Fashion editions here, too.

Boxed sets of Dior and Chanel are on the other side of the room on the table with books retailing for $150, and are now priced at $22.50. The box covers were not in the best condition, with noticeable dents and scuffs. We also saw a lot of the "Lights of" books, which were priced at $18.75 or $11.25 depending on the edition.

In general, we noted lots of stock on the table of books that were originally $150, which are now $22.50 or $37.50. There were lots of books marked down to $11.25 or $18.75 (from $75) as well. While there was no line and the sale was very calm at 10am, we noted that the shoppers who were there were stocking up, with plenty of people leaving with as many as 10 books each. Many items are still wrapped in cellophane, but of those that aren't, we saw a fair amount of scuffed or dented covers, as well as books that were just plain dirty.

There is a good mix of coffee table books, cook books, and collections of photography that are all well-suited as gifts for anyone on your list — including yourself. The sale runs through Thursday at 6pm; Check out the Dealfeed below for more details, and see the gallery above for a look at some of the best books we found.