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The Anna Sui Sample Sale Has Dresses For Only $40

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On the first afternoon of the Anna Sui sample sale, security was only letting shoppers in two at a time. This sparked intrigue. Was the sale intense? Crowded? Filled with celebrities? Nope. The room is just really, really small.

With this small venue comes a few other caveats: no mirrors, no dressing rooms, and definitely not a lot of leg room. Shop deftly and cautiously — not all of the items have sizes either, so for the most part, you're really taking a gamble.

Gambling is okay, however, when items are as low as $2. While this single-digit price tag may only apply to graphic tees ($5) and tights ($2), the numbers for tops, dresses, pants, and jackets aren't bad either. Prices are as marked on the clothing, but the rundown is pretty consistently tops for $20, dresses for $40, pants, shorts, and skirts for $20, and jackets for either $45 or $60. There were even a few coats, hiding amongst the overwhelming number of dresses, for only $75.

All the clothing was reliably quirky, emblazoned with the unique patterns that are staples of the brand. Some of our favorites are pictured above, including a cat print jacket and floral print western-wear.

Now, for the bad news. Wallets? Gone. And the rest of the accessories have been pretty thoroughly ransacked. We spotted a few pairs of sunglasses ($25) and some makeup bags ($10), but other than that, anything other than clothing leaves something to be desired. The shoes redeem themselves with their generous discounts. We spotted boots that retailed for over $400 selling here for only $75, although you don't have much to choose from.

This limited selection makes sense, since neither shoes nor accessories are getting restocked. If you're planning on heading over, stick to clothing, which is getting restocked throughout the duration of the sale. Check out the hours in the Dealfeed below.