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Balmain x H&M: What's Left and Where, Ranked From Best to Worst

Shanita Sims

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The highly anticipated launch of Balmain x H&M was last Thursday, and if you were expecting to reap the rewards of eager shoppers' returns today, think again. After perusing four of the locations around the city this morning, we found that none of the retailers had anything more than a rack of the collection still left in stores, and the size selection was even worse -- you're pretty much only going to find sizes 2 or 12.

That's not to say a lucky shopper can't stumble upon a gem or two. While most of those heavily beaded pieces are long gone, a few less popular but still equally as gorgeous items remain. In fact, if you're looking for leather pants, solid bandeaus, or the velvet baggy trousers, you'll pretty much find them at any location For those prepared to go on a hunt, we've ranked the selection from best to worst below.

515 Broadway

515 Broadway H&M

While this Soho outpost was among first to completely sell out of every single item (leaving nothing but an empty storeroom), it arguably has the best selection of the bunch we surveyed after returns. Tucked away in the men's section, five dresses in total remained. Four of them were the ruffled, long-sleeve number found here in sizes 2 and 12, and just one of this dress in a size 4. There were also a number of these vests still left in sizes 2, 10 and 12. Found in between these pieces were one or two pairs of the leather pants, this gold top, and a few of the jackets.

East 86th Street

E 86 St H&M

While this location contained pretty much only one of each piece available, you'll find the most options if you'd rather not browse the same three items. This shoulder-padded blouse sits next to one or two blazers and a few pairs of leather-esque pants. This striped blouse also makes an appearance, flanked by one of the only men's items still out there.

Fifth Avenue and 48th Street

5th Ave H&M

You'll find the tiny rack of Balmain over by the first-floor register, and if you're looking for jackets, this is your best bet. A couple of sizes of this style and this style remain, and dwarf the small number of other pieces around it. The velvet trousers and bandeaus continue to be out in force, and if you hurry, you can snag the braided dress in a size 2.

558 Broadway

558 H&M

This location's redeeming quality is the small amount of jewelry still available behind the counter — specifically, the drop earrings. Other than that, it's just bandeaus for days on the rack to the right of the first-floor register, followed by four or five velvet trousers, four of the pink blouse, and two of the braided dresses.

If you've still struck out, your best bet for snagging a piece from the collection is over on Ebay, but only if you're willing to brave its marked-up price tag.