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The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Has Every Kind of Bag Imaginable

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Rebecca Minkoff's sample sale opened at 260 Fifth Avenue at 11am, and we stopped by the preview earlier this morning to check it out. There are so many bags in every color and style imaginable, as well as ready-to-wear, leather apparel, and shoes.

Ready-to-wear is to the right after you walk in. Jackets ($125) are first up, and there are a few styles to choose from; we noted a pink fuzzy walker coat marked down from $598. Next up are leather jackets, vests, and skirts (all $200). A gold leather mini skirt marked down from $398 caught our eye, as did a fringed suede jacket (originally $698). We suggest checking out the blazers ($125), which are available in tons of colorways. The tops looked outdated, but there are a few styles of blouses that would still work. About six styles each of skirts and pants are in stock, and all sizes are plentiful. Dresses ($150) are mostly black and work-appropriate.

Ben Minkoff small leather goods are in a bin nearby, and there's a mix of wallets, card cases, laptop cases, and iPad cases ranging from $25 to $215. Briefcases, bags, and backpacks are going for $25 to $405, depending on the original price. Notable styles include a burgundy briefcase for $165, and a gray leather backpack for the same price.

Rebecca Minkoff jeans ($125, not really a discount at all) and a few styles of activewear are in bins along the back of the space. A printed pair of jeans caught our eye, as did the only style of sports bra available ($25). Next up are shoes, set up in the back left-hand corner. Sandals, flats, and sneakers are $50, while heels and boots are $100. We spotted mostly sneakers, with a few pairs of heels and just one pair of booties thrown into the mix. The availability of sizes depends on the shoe, but we saw sizes 5.5—10 on display.

There is a good selection of wallets, iPad cases, cosmetics cases, and floral tennis rackets cases along the left-hand wall. Depending on the original price, these are going from $25 to $215. There are two tables of sample bags priced at $50, most of which have visible damage. For accessories, there are two styles of hats and scarves. Those with embellishments are $25, and rabbit-fur styles are going for $20.

And finally, those bags. Bags are in the center of the space, and there is definitely something for everyone. Most bags are still protected with wrapping around the signature hardware details. Sale prices are again based on original retail prices, and range from $25 to $405.

Available in basically every color imaginable, we spotted favorites such as MAB totes ($165), Amorous satchels ($215), Avery totes ($165), Love crossbodies ($165), and five-zip crossbodies ($125). There are a few styles from this past season, like the Kai crossbody marked down to $185 (from $395). We also spotted tons of Majorca zip-detail envelope clutches ($55), Moto bucket bags ($185), Julian backpacks ($165), and MAB backpacks in mini and full sizes ($135 and $165).

There are no dressing rooms, but crowds ar more interested in bags than apparel anyway. Merchandise will likely be restocked, and, like in the past, markdowns are expected near end of the sale. This is running until Saturday at 5pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.