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The La Perla Sample Sale Is Mostly Swimwear and Expectedly Expensive

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Update: Beginning Wednesday morning, all merchandise will be an additional 25% off its sale price. Original sale prices are noted below and in the gallery above.

La Perla got a head start on a busy week of sample sales by kicking things off at 43 Wooster Street on Sunday, and it had a substantial (post-brunch) line when we stopped by in the afternoon. The Soho space has a fair amount of women's bras and underwear in bins at the front, and plenty of swimwear for men and women. While pricing signs have both the main La Perla collection and and its Studio diffusion line listed, we didn't spot a single Studio piece in any of the sections. Prices are still steep, with bras going for $80, underwear for $50, and swim starting at $90.

Bras and underwear are in bins to in the center and along the left-hand side of the wall closest to the door. Both are organized by size, with bottoms ranging from XS to L and bras from 32B to 36D. There are more size small bottoms than any other size, but the selection for all sizes is still plentiful. There is a good range of colors for bras in sizes 32B—38B and 32C—38C, but 32D—36Ds are mostly bright blue and purple.

Women's swim separates ($90, so $180 for a bikini) are on a table along the left-hand side. There's a mix of prints and solids in a good range of cuts, and sizes range from 4 to 12 for tops and bottoms.. Bikini tops are mostly halter styles, and we spotted classic bikini bottoms as well as boyshort styles. One-pieces are around the corner and are priced at $100, and are mostly size 8—12 with a few 6s mixed in. We saw standard black one-pieces as well as a nude sequined halter-front style. Discounts vary widely in swimwear: You might pick up a bikini top that's not even 50% off, but certain one-piece styles are more than 90% off.

There's also coverups for $120, pareos for $50, and mesh pareos for $20, but we didn't see many of the former. This section is also the makeshift dressing room, and shoppers yesterday were not shy.

Bodysuits ($50) and chemises ($110) are in the center towards the back of the space, and all the racks were pretty picked over by the time we arrived, though restocking could've taken place overnight. There is a good selection of colors and sizes left in bustiers, though. There are a few lacy styles left, and sizes 1 and B make up most of the racks. We spotted a purple lacy bodysuit that was marked down from $538.

The sleepwear selection is along the back and right-hand side of the space. Silk robes are $90, and what's left is mostly very bright and size XS. We spotted a few long gowns ($80) and lots of short mesh numbers ($60). Silk pajama pants ($80) marked down from $520 were picked over, with a nude colorway making up most of the rack. There is a rack of high-waisted silky shorts ($50) in a few colorways and a good range of sizes. A few styles of garters ($50) are hanging on the racks, and there are more styles on a table by the register. Garter straps are on the table and are priced at $15 each.

Men's swim ($100) and pajamas ($80) are on the right-hand side of the space. All sizes are well-stocked for both sections — the fact that this area was totally deserted probably has something to do with that. Swim styles range from solid and printed trunks to European-style briefs. There are solid and printed pajamas, and fashion boxers are $30. Velvet smoking slippers are $50 from $650, and there are a few pairs in sizes 41—44.

The bra and bottoms selection is slightly disappointing, but the swimwear is worth checking out despite its hefty price tags. The sale runs through Saturday at 7pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.