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Why Bergdorf Goodman Doesn't Want Landmark Status

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Ask anyone in New York, and they'll tell you Bergdorf Goodman is an essential shopping experience. The venerable department store at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street is known for its fairy tale-esque windows and world-class designer shopping, and its recognizable building is currently up for landmark status (a recognition that the old Rizzoli store failed to acquire, and was ultimately destroyed). So why are the likes of the store founder's granddaughter and senior vice president of fashion Linda Fargo against it?

New York Yimby is reporting that those windows — specifically, its ever-changing displays — is one of the reasons that they're speaking out against the proposal to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The department store would have to obtain a "certificate of appropriateness" from the commission to make any changes, even if it's something as standard as changing a window display (something we can't risk with the holiday season approaching).

More substantially, Bergdorf Goodman's land use attorney said landmark designation would freeze the building in place, making it difficult to make necessary upgrades that would keep it current among its competitors who are rapidly changing — ahem, Saks Fifth Avenue.

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