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The Andrew Marc Sample Sale Has Coats Starting at $39 and Vilebrequin Swimwear

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Update: As of Saturday morning (11/14), prices have been reduced across all merchandise categories; all Andrew Marc items are an additional 20% off. Original sale prices are listed below and in the gallery captions above.

The Andrew Marc sample sale officially opens on Saturday at 10am, but we stopped by to preview everything on offer at Penn Plaza Pavilion this afternoon to get you prepped ahead of time. Swimsuit label Vilebrequin also makes an appearance this time around (heavy coats and swim trunks, what a pair), and both brands are incredibly well-stocked. We were also told that merchandise from a New Jersey warehouse will be trucked in daily for the duration of this nine-day sale.

Vilebrequin and Andrew Marc are on opposite sides of the space, and Andrew Marc apparel is further divided into men's and women's sections. One-of-a-kind samples are right at the front of the women's section, and we highly recommend checking out this selection. We spotted quite a few leather coats, like a sherpa-lined style for just $179.

An astounding variety of non-sample jackets, coats, and vests line the racks, and we spotted a good number of all sizes for every style. We loved an edgy faux-suede coat that was marked down to $89 from $450. Girls' coats are priced at $39. Next up are the dresses, which are $29 or $39, depending on the original price. Notable styles include a striped tiered dress ($29), and a zip-front purple snakeskin dress ($29).

The selection of men's coats is just as impressive as the women's. Leather jackets are abundant in all sizes, and we particularly a biker style for $179 (from $550). Samples are towards the back, and a quilted blazer-inspired coat for $119 really stood out here. Pea coats in solids and prints are priced at around $49 (from about $330). There are racks of a lightweight cargo coat in multiple colors for $39, and packable quilted jackets are $79. A shearling parka that's available in tan and black stole the show, marked down to $699 from $1,595. Note that there are sections designated for Big & Tall styles for men, and Plus for women.

There are tables of accessories ($10—$30) in the middle, and we spotted adorable knit pom-pom hats. There are also leather gloves ($30) and scarves.

On the left-hand side, Vilebrequin is bursting with men's and women's swimwear, as well as apparel and kids' items. There are tons of different cuts and prints for men's swim trunks priced at $100 — tags display European sizing, but size conversions guides are conveniently posted on the walls.

Men's Vilebrequin apparel is well-stocked with sizes and colorways, and there are plenty of tee-shirts ($30), polos ($50), shirts ($70), and sweaters ($150) to choose from. Shorts and pants are $60 for the former and $75 for the latter. There's a rack of parkas going for $275 as well.

Women's swimwear is laid out in boxes according to size on tables near the front. Separates are steeply discounted, going for just $45. Beach accessories, like leather beach bags ($180), palm tree-print bags ($90), canvas bags ($40), towel pillows ($50), and sarongs ($35) are on a table to the left. Running shorts ($40) in stunning prints and colors are hanging up towards the back, and women's ready-to-wear is to the left of those. Linen shirts are $60, linen shorts are $50, and cover-ups are $45.

We suggest checking out the swim and sample racks first, and then getting started on the coats. There are dressing rooms in the back, and lines we saw for these at the preview were pretty long, but moving quickly. There are also mirrors placed throughout the space, in case you're just throwing a coat over what you're already wearing. The sale starts tomorrow at 10am, and runs through next Sunday the 15th at 6pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.