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Balmain x H&M: It's Mostly Just Castoffs Left on NYC Shelves

Shanita Sims

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Still trying to get your hands on H&M x Balmain after it was more or less decimated in New York City stores yesterday morning? You might have to turn to eBay for some of the most coveted pieces. Racked reporter Linda Yang checked in at select Manhattan stores this morning to see if any restocking has magically happened (unlikely) or if returns have started coming in (much more likely). See the not-so-great news below:

Fifth Avenue

We were holding out hope that restocking and returns would be consolidated at the flagship on 48th Street, but that wasn't the case as of 12:15pm today. Yang only found five pairs of men's boots, green suede pants for $399, and bandeaus. So, so many bandeaus:


Times Square

Yang noted that this location was weirdly calm yesterday (given its address), but people must have calmly snatched everything up. At 11:30am, two pairs of black booties with gold toe coverings in sizes 39 and 40 remained, along with two pairs of green velvet pants, some bandeaus, and plenty of these earrings.


Nothing at all as of 11am. It's doubtful that returns would come back to this location, either.


515 Broadway has seen a couple of popular pieces creep back in — when the doors opened at 10am, she saw the green dress and the white blazer with black lapels in the mostly empty collaboration area:


She also spotted booties in black and tan in a few sizes, bandeau tops, joggers, and this black dress, plus some accessories like jewelry and purses. No one was shopping here this morning, and a grumpy sales associate couldn't confirm whether restocking would take place.

Don't bother looking into 558 Broadway — the collaboration shopping area was completely dismantled, and a staff member scoffed when Yang asked where she could find it ("You're looking for it in Soho?!").