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H&M x Balmain Is Already Trickling Back Into Stores

Shanita Sims

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Just as quickly as H&M x Balmain came, it went. When the collection launched at 8am this morning, shoppers were dying to get their hands on pretty much anything from the collection (same goes for last night's preview). But just hours later, some people are totally over it — and it could benefit those who got screwed over earlier today.

If you aren't willing to go to take your beaded dress search to eBay — where items are going for well over $4,000 — you could try heading back to the stores, where a tipster tweeted at us that returns are already coming in at some locations. At 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, for example, sales associates are "putting returns out in the designated [collaboration] area with 1 in 1 out," policy, and there were at least 15 people waiting to get in at one point earlier today.

Expect even more merchandise to hit the shelves over the weekend, since this collab allows just three days for customers to return purchases for cash back. But if shoppers are still as thirsty as they were this morning, you might also need the patience to wait in a store and pounce on the piece you want as soon as it comes back.


731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA